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Downloading & Installation Information For Windows Users ArtDawgs Web Studios!
    A .gif may or may not be animated.
    If it's moving when you see it, it's animated.
    Used on web pages 'cause they're cool.
    Will not work as a cursor or icon.

    To download, right mouse click on the image,
    then from the Netscape menu "save image as:"
    or from the Explorer menu "save picture as:"
    and save to your selected directory.

    An .ani file is an animated cursor file.
    These replace the hour glass and other "pointers" on your desk top.
    Not every .ani file is animated!
    They can also be used as icons for your desktop!

    To download, left mouse click on "download" to download .zip file.
    Save to your selected directory. Unzip .zip file to release .ani files.

ArtDawgs Web Studios!
    To extract the files from the .zip file.
    Click on your Windows start button, then on "run".
    Select "browse" and find your .zip file. Windows will open it for you.
    Create a directory and save them to that directory so you know
    where they are.

    To install your new little art works on to your desk top,

    click on your "start" button, go to setting and click on "control panel".
    From there, double click on "mouse" and then on "pointers".
    Highlight the pointer you wish to replace and click on "browse".
    Find the file you wish to use here and open it. That's it!

    To change desk top icons,
    right mouse click on the icon you want to change
    and select "properties".
    Go to the "shortcut" info and click on "change icon".
    Again, browse for the file you wish to use and open it.

    So that you always know where your files are,
    create a special directory on your hard drive
    just for your animations, cursors, and icons.
    When you're "browsing" for a replacement image,
    you'll know all your goodies are in "c:/icons/" or wherever.

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NO graphics may be used on commercial web sites or copied for resale!
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